Bye Rex!

Bye Rex from Moving Brands® on Vimeo.

This film was made for Rex McWhirter, a brilliant creative and good friend of MB who recently moved on to explore the freelance world.

We always try and send people off with a little movie just to thank them for all their hard work and Rex was no exception. As someone who’d made a real impact on the studio (and who will continue to do so in the big bad world outside) we came up with an idea that told the very simple story of Rex’s inevitable cosmic trajectory.

We shot it all on a 5D over one evening a couple of weeks ago. Shoreditch inevitably becomes a bit of a ghost town at 4am on a Tuesday morning and it was fun trying to capture that. Guy then created Rex’s ‘spaceship’ and extra ambient lighting in after effects – culminating in Rex’s ‘reveal’ at the end.

We wish Rex all the best in his new quest for adventure!


  • We are all children of the stars. Minute pieces of once great giants are within each and every one of us. Yet, some of us carry those star-like qualities more than others – we let it shine out of us. Rex is one of those people. Good luck Rex. Awesome film.

  • What a great video. Best of luck to Rex, too!

  • Esther

    What an awesome and very moving video, especially as I personally know Rex too. He is incredible and lucky to have such nice and encouraging words said about him…”May the force be with you!”