Comic Con

My first visit to Comic Con was last year, and I’d say it has gone up a gear from 2009 in terms of feeling more commercial; more film, game and broadcast titles all now launching here. Comic Con is a fascinating place; writers, artists, designers, filmmakers …dreamers …you name it – all types of story-tellers and 150,000 avid ‘comic’ fans. But there’s a surprising lack of ‘moving world’ presence, and by that I mainly mean digital platforms for comics – especially new comic apps for iPad and iPhone. Looking at the performance of the Marvel app, this strikes me as very strange, especially when there is an opportunity for comics to find an audience again through digital media. Comics provide perfect ‘moving world’ storytelling – short form and highly visual… and don’t get me started on the branding!

Finally, it was lovely to bump into Jim here, dressed as batman!


  • Georgina Milne

    Not that I’m implicating Ben or any other Comic Con attendee, but today’s ‘Hot Words’ on are ‘Nerd and Geek.’

    Head to to read all bout the Dr Suess and chicken-head-eating origins of both words.

  • Jim

    Not me – nope – absolutely not me…!

  • There are a few other apps/platforms in development for digital comic distribution though. But then again, the comics industry moves slow sometimes.