Computer Arts Top 30 UK Studios

Recently the team at Computer Arts asked us to share our top five UK agencies, and reasons why we thought so highly of them. Our response, alongside the opinions of 59 other UK studios, formed Computer Arts definitive Top 30 Studio list. The results have just been published online.

It’s an interesting list, with the top ten heavy on the well-known, been-around-the-block brand and design studios. We were very happy with our number ten spot (although as a friend pointed out, we’re aiming for top 5 next year…), but would love to see the list extend next year to include a broader mix of design. The panel was made up of experts with widely-ranging expertise, and yet the results felt skewed to the traditional.

In the interests of transparency, here are the studios we voted for, and why:

Unpidgeonhole-able. Constantly curious. Asking serious questions about design.

Game studio? Incubator? Digital production house? Turning the idea of a design business inside out, and doing it brilliantly.

Small, beautifully formed, industrial design boutique. Flying under the radar but doing influential work – they’re one of those studios whose work ends up on other studios mood boards.

Changed the interface of retail through the Apple stores, one of the few businesses that understand quality and attention to detail across the whole experience.

The UX&D team believe in genuine partnership between agency and client, believe in embedding teams for the best outcome, they’re experimenting with new ways of working in order to continue building benchmark products and services.

And in terms of the consistently beautiful, well-crafted work that we’d love to have been a part of, we look to GBH and Man vs Machine.