Cracking Clinton’s Enigma

clintonOn Sunday, Hillary Clinton announced her 2016 presidential bid. She unveiled her campaign logo to much feedback from those rooting for her and against her. The logo, designed by Pentagram, is a simple blue ‘H’ intersected by a prominent red arrow.

The Twittersphere broke out in support, dislike, but mostly confusion over what it means. From a rip-off WikiLeaks logo, to a hospital sign, to a Tinder reference of swiping right, everyone had an opinion. Graphic Designer Rick Wolff took it further and created an actual typeface he calls ‘Hillary Bold’ or the more popular name, ‘Hillvetica’.

Clinton’s 2016 logo is a huge evolution from her 2008 logo – a seemingly recognisable presidential waving flag banner. What is interesting, is that the 2016 Clinton is not just a presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton is a well-established household name, something no other candidate can claim. Many have compared her visibility and popularity to products from McDonalds to J. Crew. In this era of social media, memes, and viral content desperation, we’re interested in seeing how other politicians will tap into their brand or even how far they can take it (or try to stop it).

As the cries and exasperation cools down on social media, Clinton’s logo will be used in various contexts, from bumper stickers to billboards for all of America to see. Let the presidential games begin!

This list originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150415

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