Creative Mornings Zurich

Last Friday Moving Brands were invited to speak at Creative Mornings Zurich. It was a particularly special edition as it was the event’s second birthday. Not only did it sell out within 45 minutes, but we also managed to squeeze 50 or so people into the studio. Tina Roth Eisenberg (otherwise known as Swissmiss) created a movie to celebrate the occasion.

Moving Brands’ Geoff Linsell was the guest speaker, speaking on the theme of “Branding is dead – what now?” It seems a real provocation from an MB employee, but his talk asked exactly what branding means nowadays. Ten years ago, it was all about a logo, a typeface and colour. TodayMB believes branding stems from discovering the story at the heart of a brand and sharing this story across all relevant channels.

The morning culminated in a discussion about how clients and customers can engage with a brand that is designed to be living and responsive. Due to the nature of our ever evolving times, the process of branding is never finished, as it must adapt and respond to what its customers require of it.

The morning was brought to a close in an appropriately celebratory manner, with a birthday cake for Creative Mornings Zurich.

UPDATE: Check out the video of Geoff’s talk at Creative Mornings here