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Dredd pinup finished

Liam Sharp is a comic artist, writer and publisher whose career launched in the 1980’s spanning not only decades and an impressive number of publications including comics, books, films and advertising, but overseas to the states as well. Sharp is a friend and continuous creative inspiration to Moving Brands who previously we have welcomed to speak at one of our Creative Salons. Here he spoke of the role of the comic artist and gave detail of his work and how the process has technically shifted over time. His approach to his art, and the way he his fully adaptive to the changes in how it is executed without compromising his style or passion for it proves Sharp as a true ‘moving world’ artist.

His notable works include many Judge Dredd stories, the best-selling Marvel UK title ever- the mini-series Death’s Head II and work in the US- X-Men, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Venom, Man-Thing (for Marvel Comics), Superman, Batman, and The Possessed (for DC Comics and Wildstorm), Spawn: The Dark Ages (for Todd McFarlane) and Red Sonja for Dynamite comics.

In 2004, with wife Christina McCormack he founded his own publishing company- MamTor™ Publishing that launched his first novel God Killers, Sharpenings: the Art of Liam Sharp, Event Horizon, more recently Reluctant Barbarian with many works to come.