Creative Spaces


After work on Wednesday, some of us went to visit the San Francisco Design Week open studios. We visited several product design offices such as Smart Design and Frog Design. They were quite fun and inspirational. We could peek a little bit into their working styles and policies through the elements they had.

Smart design studio was a beautiful factory-like place with a high ceiling and motion projected on a huge wall. They had a lot of magazines, a unique collage in a corner, and even a table soccer game!  Frog Design had a unique naming system for their rooms after the famous Bay Area places like Yosemite and Redwood. Their bar space welcomed us with a neon sign of the Frog logo.

The studios have a plenty of open and relaxing spaces, and I believe that the environments help them become more creative. I still remember the moment when I realized that I was always facing a wall in my room while designing in L.A.. At the moment, all of sudden, I felt stifled and had a strong temptation to move. A few months later, I finally moved and got a nice view in front of my desk! Interestingly, I became calmer and more productive.

San Francisco Moving Brands has a great space, too. Hopefully, we can host an open studio in the near future. It would be a fantastic chance to show our design and work style in person.