Creative Survey 2010


The results of the annual Design Week Creative Survey are out.

This annual survey ranks UK agencies performance in a selection of international and UK based awards over the past three years.

Moving Brands has ranked 18th in the UK awards, and 39th in the International awards. Nice!

Worth noting is that a lot of the awards we have won (like the European Design Awards) are not actually recognised as part of the Creative Survey tally. Interestingly, this year the Benchmark Awards have been included, with Design Week Editor Lynda Relph-Knight conceding that “branding programmes and campaigns demand as much creativity as a single piece of beautiful work – if not more.” Hear hear!

Another interesting theme in this years survey was the impact of the economic down-turn. MB’s James was one of eight leading creatives asked how they motivate their creativity when times are tough. James responded as follows:

“It shouldn’t be hard to be consistently creative – you need to strive to be outstanding, regardless of budget or time limitations. History shows it is when society is challenged and the economy is in flux that some of the most important art, music and literature are created. I see no reason why this shouldn’t apply to the design industry. Less money doesn’t mean less creativity – it should inspire us. In a tough economy, it is vital for a consultancy to show flexibility and agility. In a sentence: focus on great creative output despite the budget, and find a way to facilitate it.”

Grab a copy of the Creative Survey to read the other responses, and to see the charts in full.