CSM class visit MB

Yesterday we had a great bunch of Central St Martins students visit Moving Brands as part of their ‘Designers London’ course – which takes them behind the scenes into studios and galleries around London.
We talked them through some of our moving work – the Swisscom mark that moves in response to sound, the Living Identity AR book, and the LCF gestural table. MB’s Jonny and Marija also talked about some more traditional print and design projects they have been involved in.
One of the recurring messages throughout the session was choosing the best medium to communicate to your audience. We also talked about the importance of collaboration – and with MB’s current crew of copy-writers, creatives, graphic designers, editors, animators, illustrators, 3D modellers and typographers it’s always an interesting experience!
MB founders Jim and Ben are both CSM grads, so it’s nice to see the new school coming through the ranks. Watch out for some guest blog posts from our visitors over the next couple of weeks.