Cuervo Cold #shotcast

Purveyors of fine viral content, Ok Go, teamed up with Cuervo Tequila for a campaign that has been running in Brazil over the last two weeks. Working with Albion London, a series of popup-shop style gigs were held in various locations around Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – culminating in last nights ‘popup live stream social media content aggregation’ event, the #shotcast.

At 11pm, a shot-tour performance was streamed live via the Cuervo Cold website – with a lovely little twist – the video was regenerated, 8-bit photomosiac style, using participant’s profile pictures (‘shots’) as pixels. To get your photo into the video, a quick post to Twitter and/or Facebook would allow the site to nab your photo and add it to the mix. These were also linked to each pixel, so rolling over the stream allowed you to read each participant’s message.

The result was rather effective, with that ideal mix of idea, aesthetics and engagement. i.e, it was a good idea that worked well, looked good, and people actually wanted to use it. We set our secret machine (not the 3D printer, that’s right, ANOTHER one) to work on the data, which backed this up, just shy of 500 people participated with the #shotcast hashtag – not bad for a 3 minute event – with some support from heavyweight Twitterites and 350% increase in mentions for the 25th.

The event follows a series of similar moves by drinks companies to go beyond the normal rules of engagement, with big scale social events, such as Smirnoff’s Nightlife Exchange and Absolut Blank – though the Andes Beer Teletransporter still holds a special place in my heart.