D&AD New Blood 2011


Last night a few of us MB’ers headed down to New Blood 2011 to see what fresh and exciting has been produced this year. Events like these are visually overwhelming and one starts wondering how much can actually be absorbed during a few good hours, especially when you meet so many eager people to talk you through their work and of course friends from the industry who want to share their opinions as well. However, there are tendencies that don’t change over years and it’s easy to spot out those with best skills and best ideas.

One of the works that really stands out from the whole exhibition is Dean Pauley’s (Glasgow School of Art) project ‘News from Nowhere’. The projects is a response to The Tyranny of Email by John Freeman exploring how the quality of the written word has deteriorated due to the faster methods of digital communication by contrasting it with that of a pre-digital era. The leather bound-book consists of over 3000 different spam emails. The decorative look changes our perception of the written word. It’s great to see work that has it all: interesting concept, is well made and visually exciting.

I would recommend going there if you have time this weekend and have a look at it yourself. I felt that there was a lot of work that grabs your initial attention but doesn’t manage to keep your interest because of lackĀ  of a strong story and concept. Just being ‘very designed’ is not enough.