Decode at the V&A


Firstly, a very Happy New Year! And straight on to the first post for 2010. I and MB alum, Zoe B, succeeding in extricating ourselves from our respective sofas and away from the temptations of Christmas leftovers, to spend a few hours checking out the Decode exhibition at the V&A, in collaboration with onedotzero. The exhibition was focused around three key themes, ‘Code’, ‘Interactivity’ and ‘Networks’, with pieces ranging from screen-based graphics to large installations. Coming from Moving Brands, where we are  fully immersed in the digital world and have also worked with many of the artists represented, it was wonderful to see the latest manifestations of this new art form.  Foremost, it was brilliant to watch the general public become absorbed and entertained by the work on show. From the visualisation of global networks to more whimsical interactive pieces, the show proved how the digital world can step away from pages of code to provide experiences which can be both informative and engaging. Decode runs until April, with many related events also running.

Check out Panja’s Flickr set from the show here.