Design Week double-whammy

timeout app

Yesterday not one, but two MBers graced the pages (or the screen) of the latest Design Week.

The Publishing in Focus feature asked industry experts to comment on their favorite magazine style app – with the contributors arriving at the general consensus that there are very few companies owning this space, or really exciting us, just yet.

In yesterdays magazine, MB’s Managing Director Geoff selected the Time Out app as his current favourite, citing it’s GPS-driven search results and the ‘inspire me’ accelerometer feature.

On the Design Week website, MB’s strategist Camilla ponders why fashion mags are missing huge design opportunities by not collaborating with big tech brands, or by making better use of the interface features available.

MB’s Ellen delves further into the divide between the fashion industry’s forward-thinking business model, and its inability to grasp digital opportunities, in the post below.