“…designers really annoy me”

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MB’s Geoff arrived back from Zurich this morning with an eagerly awaited present….copies of the IDPURE magazine. Although this Swiss design / typo mag is always a pleasure to read, the latest edition was particularly enjoyable for team MB, with its six-page spread showcasing some of our work, and an interview with MB founder James.

As we’d expect from James, there are some brilliantly honest answers. When asked why it is so important to keep in mind that clients are people, he responds “clients have everything to lose…their asses are truly on the line.” And on whether he considers himself a designer, “I love design but a lot of designers really annoy me.”

The interview, entitled “Delivering Creativity for a Moving World,” also asks why we think branding is really all about story-telling, how we approach pitches, and how an independent agency started by best friends and family members 13 years ago manages to stand the test of time.

You can grab a copy of the magazine in London at Central Books, or online from the IDPURE store. Or check it out online.

Thanks to the lovely Tracey at IDPURE for pulling it together and providing the copies for us to fight over.