Designers, Sean and Steffan talk to Cardiff School of Art & Design

sean-steffOn Tuesday, we had the pleasure of having three generations of Cardiff School of Art & Design graduates under one roof. Cardiff alumni Senior Designer, Sean Rees and Junior Designer, Steffan Cummins, spoke with the first year class, showed them the studio and answered their eager questions.

Following an introduction to Moving Brands, Sean shared stories from his nine years of experience in the design industry. He revealed his ups and downs, from dog food packaging to award winning branding – delighting the class with his focus on craft and compelling ideas.

Steffan, a recent graduate, shared details of his experience at university. Talking through the various areas of design he explored, across branding and digital, to more playful installation and programming projects. He spoke about the connections he’s made and the internships he’s completed, leading him to speak more about how he got in touch with Moving Brands.

Together, they dedicated time to share general advice, as well as discussing specific things they’ve learnt along the way.

During an open conversation, the students asked Sean and Steffan some excellent questions: ‘how does London life compare to that of the Welsh countryside?’, ‘what’s the trick to being confident in your ideas?’ and ‘what’s the best way to go about getting an internship?’.

Following Cardiff’s visit we received some great responses from the students. It was nice to hear their enthusiasm and energy, and that our words of advice had made them feel excited about the future.