Ending on a digital high

A few weeks back we quietly launched our new website. The fact that you’re reading this means you may have already noticed the change (the image above may remind you how far we’ve come).

An internal project of this scale is an incredible opportunity to put our own people and processes to work, to define and better communicate who we are, and the power of our offer.

Some elements of our old site remained; the homepage is alive with constantly updating content, our war-cry of ‘creativity for a moving world’ is still ever-present, and the case studies of our work still aim to give an in-depth look at exactly what goes into our differing engagements. Like our past site, we again chose to build within WordPress, which has lead to demanding design and development challenges, but is testament to how this platform can be stretched and molded.

There are a few noticeable changes: A new page looks at our Innovations and world firsts (like the world’s first live web broadcast and the highest resolution 3D printed chocolates). This section will continue to grow, as we build case studies of MB’s early projects, and support our clients in pushing their businesses and industries forward through innovation.

The blog is there, but re-shaped into Insights & News, and our films are now front and center (fitting for a company with ‘moving’ at its heart), viewable in the carousel on the homepage and at the top of our work case studies.

Whilst a growing internal team of experts worked on our own site, we were concurrently working with SRF, the Swiss national broadcaster, on an ambitious new site that would be the face of their newly merged company. We end 2012 on a digital high, as SRF’s site launched yesterday, offering a living, flexible portal to information and entertainment.

One ambition the two sites share is, well, their shareability. Providing your audience with the tools to communicate with you, elevating the content that will most interest them, and ensuring your online platforms are working concordantly is the easy part. Building an offer that is open to feedback and change is the real challenge. A huge thanks to all those that have taken the time to wander around our new site and provide their feedback – you can be assured we’re taking this on-board.