Every brand is a network

Yesterday MB’s Mat Heinl spoke to students from across the design disciplines at Camberwell College of Arts, part of the UAL network (a long standing client of MB). The theme of the all day module was ‘Networks’, organized by Luise Vormittag.

Matt Wade (ex MB Design Director and co-founder of Kin design) talked about systems, cybernetics and crowd-led problem solving. Hannah Lewis shared her enlightening work around sustainability and community level initiatives that aim to eradicate waste in Brixton, South London. Mat walked through thoughts on storytelling, people and systems in branding for a networked world. He presented a range of MB projects, some that are still in development, some that we delivered years ago.

One of the pieces of work Mat showed was this incredible piece of exploration work Guy (one of the MB founders) created years ago while working with the Japanese pen brand Tombow. Their identity is centered around a dragonfly symbol, so Guy and MB designer Jonny investigated how to incorporate the idea of precision-in-flight into the mark. The film helps the viewer understand more about the the movement of the subject, but also the craft, rigour and process of the designer.

With the design industry in flux (new figures show that applications to art and design courses for 2012 have dropped by more than a quarter) Mat aimed to share his personal learnings – ideas and opportunities that this group of students will be grappling with in the future.

Questions from the students reflected their interest in the changing space that design graduates may inhabit – asking about the tension between creativity and commercialism, working in cross disciplines teams and how to engage with both huge and small businesses.