‘Everything’s coming up roses’

GYPSY by Sondheim

Philip Browning, Copy Director in London gives a review of Gypsy, currently showing at The Savoy Theatre in London.

For a solid-gold, knock-em-in-the-aisles traditional Broadway musical (the old fashioned kind, with proper tunes and razor-sharp lyrics), ‘Gypsy’ has a surprising (and hugely entertaining) dark heart. The whole show is driven by a comically interfering, and terrifyingly controlling, central character: a showbiz-fixated momma, who deprives her two daughters of a childhood in her tormented quest to shove them in the spotlight and hit the big time.

Every shade of this complex character, from wheedling caress to iron grip, is brought to life by the incomparable Imelda Staunton, giving possibly the finest performance in a musical I can remember. The campaign for Imelda’s damehood starts here.