Exception to the Dave rule


It isn’t news to anybody that the tech world is dominated by males, and the story waxes and wanes around events like Google publishing data on the diversity of their workforce, (and Twitter not publishing theirs), and news of the ‘Dave Rule.’ The problem was revisited last week when it was revealed that one of the cofounders of Tinder is a giant d-bag. Whitney Wolfe’s departure from the company is particularly disappointing given Tinder was initially touted for its female-friendly environment – due in part to one of the founders being a woman.

Unfortunately, as we’ve discussed before, the solution isn’t as simple as bringing more women into tech jobs, it’s also about keeping them— which will require a reshaping of the environment that tech work takes place in; from the culture, to the communications, to the way events are run, and so on…

An imbalanced workforce also means businesses are depriving themselves of finding natural empathy with all their consumers. IDEO gets this, as is evident from its recent hire, 90-years-young Barbara Beskind. Beskind is working with IDEO to help them design around and overcome problems that people run into as they age. As IDEO show, the benefits of a more diverse workforce go way beyond the status of simply being politically correct.

(Story originally published in this week’s Moving World Wednesday*source required)