FastCo launch their InnovativeNess rankings

Fast Company have launched their annual list of the World’s 50 most Innovative Companies. No surprises that the top four spots go to Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon respectively. Slightly more controversially, Square edged out Twitter for the number 5 spot, and the “Occupy Movement” came in at number 7, in a move reminiscent of Time Magazine naming ‘The Protester’ their ‘Person of the Year.’ (Supporters may disagree with this sentiment, but there’s a lot of value in the ‘Occupy’ brand…).

Beyond the top 50 table, FastCo have listed the the innovation leaders across 18 different industries. The results seem very US-centric, particularly when compared to the annual Forbes lineup, and categorizing China, Brazil and India alongside traditional industries such as media and consumer electronics seems odd. BUT – the list provides an inspiring look at how both start-ups and established companies are growing their audience and turnover by building entirely new markets.

A huge congrats go to our client Ness, who reached number 8 in the ‘Food’ industry rankings. With more than 100,000 users and over 1.5million ratings, FastCo liken Ness’ growth since launching last August to that of Yelp, three years after launch. With plans to move beyond food recommendations, it will be interesting to see where they sit in the Top 50 table next year.