Feed My Ride

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Last night Moving Brands descended en masse upon Look Mum No hands for the launch of a collection of limited edition cycling musettes designed by 15 leading UK designers, curated and produced by Progress Packaging. We were invited to contribute to the collection and our own Stuart Bailey and Jonny Naismith created a design which references the simple geometric shapes and linearity seen in the graphic language of the road, while the alternating broken lines disrupt the eye and aid stand-out. It’s always hard to resist a refreshingly open brief, and the team at Progress provided just that when they asked us to design a theme for a musette that was “cycling related…creative, challenging and bold.”

The launch was also a great opportunity to catch up with friends old and new. Matt Judge put in an appearance, now he’s out the Valley and back on the Roundabout, and Twitter buddy @teamkaroshi put a friendly face to a monochromatic avatar. Good times all round and you can check out the bags and buy one for your fixie here.