Foot in the door


MB’s Darren at Kingston University – image thanks to Marcus Leis Allion

As planning for degree shows builds, and student’s portfolios take shape, MB London is opening the studio doors to meet with multi-disciplined design students from the UK, Germany and Spain.

First up this month we’ll welcome the students from Wurzberg’s University of Applied Sciences, hochschule wuerzburg-schweinfurt (FH|W-S). We’ll then meet with the third year Kingston students, as part of our regular alumni programme of tours and Q&A sessions.

And then at the end of May, we’ll host advertising, film and media students and professors from Pamplona’s Universidad de Navarra. This relationship developed after MB’s Mat was a keynote speaker at the El Sol Awards in Bilbao last year.

We’d love your help in making these sessions as inspiring and helpful as possible. If you’re a current student, or have recently graduated – what advice do you wish you had received? What do you wish you’d known about the working world?


  • 1) Never work for free. Even for friends or for family, or even a charity. Ask for something in exchange if they don’t want to spend money.
    2) Never work for someone who promise that they will pay you or say that it will be good for your portfolio. If you don’t get paid for it, the on;y good kind of project is the personal project.
    3) Internships are NOT the only way to gain experience and are slightly overrated in my opinion.
    4) Self-preservation is key. I ate once a day for three months in Amsterdam during my placement there because I could not afford anything. I even lost money while there. Think about what you are getting into everytime.
    5) Always refer to 1) when in doubt.

    • And NEVER be afraid to talk about money. You will get screwed if you don’t.