One Studio from Moving Brands® on Vimeo.

Moving Brands is proud to be the first studio to sign up to Open Studio Club’s Free Desk Here programme, which launched yesterday.

The London based initiative does exactly what it says on the tin; it offers a 100% free desk for three months to a creative type that is looking for a new workspace, to focus on their own projects.

We’re particularly excited about meeting someone new, that can chat to us about their skills that we can’t match in-house. So, if you’re not a Graphic Designer, User Interface/ Experience¬†& Architecture Designer, Front & Back End Developer, Creative Technologist, Motion Designer, 3D Animator, Strategist, Copywriter, Marketer, Film Editor, Director or Photographic Art Director, get in touch!

To give you a sense of what life inside the MB studio walls might involve, check out our brand new One Studio film above, and head to the Free Desk Here site for more details and info on how to apply.