Fun Forecasting Friday


First we had street style, now do we have street talk? To explain… The rise of street-based fashion photography turned every pavement from Shoreditch to Brooklyn into a catwalk. Suddenly, it was impossible to even consider popping out for a pint of milk without slinging on a cape and a pair of Gaga-esque platform stilettos. New blogger crush of the moment, The Man Repeller, explained the exquisite art of getting “street style snapped” in this post here.

But I digress. Street Style is so last week. Now, it’s not about what you wear, it’s what you say. Surrounded in cafes, in restaurants and – for the not so glam – on the bus, by fervent Twitterers and Facebook updaters, you never know when a throw away comment could become the trending quote of the hour. (“I’m so glad we’re going to Dalston Superstore – I spent all morning crying at Golders Green station” “Oh Leila, you are so emo!”) Indeed, combining all this with an emerging trend for personalizing language (jealous to jels, apparently to appaz, controversial to contro) proves that you don’t just walk the walk, you talk the talk too.

Image via, word play via the amazing Jess over at YellowDoor/