Future Laboratory Trend Briefing


Last week I, and a couple of other MB-ers, attended one of The Future Laboratory‘s bi-annual trend briefings. This time, it was hosted at The Roundhouse – a thrilling location and one which set the scene for their anarchic theme: The Transformation Economy. We were also joined in the audience by our client Andrew of All About Tea, who provided tins of Moving Brands Creative Tea for the goodie bags.

The Future Laboratory’s trend briefings are always worth attending. Even as an agency who does a small amount of trend analysis and insight work as part of a branding project, it is great to get a either a different perspective on things, or to have our conclusions about the moving world confirmed. Moving Brands has a close relationship with The FL – working with them on large-scale insight pieces for our clients and occasionally contributing thought leadership on digital to their online presence, LSN Global.


The event last week revolved around four key trends – ‘The Anarconomy Decade’, ‘Revivalism’, ‘Intuitive Futures’ and ‘Ubiquitous Gaming Cultures’.While much of the content from the Futures and Gaming trends was familiar, ‘Revivalism’ was fascinating and made perfect sense as the next step for the heritage trend of recent months.  It seems the backlash against our over-hyped, over-driven culture which lives almost entirely online, is manifesting itself in a renewed emphasis on physical, hand-crafted objects and human skills.

As The FL asserted, “Coming along for the Revivalist ride will mean connecting with consumers through their desire for kith-and-kin simplicity and time-honoured values to create brands, products and services steeped in nostalgia and ancient, pre-technological age aesthetics”. Examples of this trend included a a legendary fourth-generation American axe maker (see video) and even our own work for E. Tautz. Speaking with Andrew of All About Tea, whose business in steeped in rituals and craft, it seems this trend in particular struck a chord with him as well.

To find out more about The Future Laboratory click here, and check out my “live tweets” from the event itself by following #FL2011 on the MB twitter.