Give your brain a rest


Last week, Vancouver played host to TED2015, where the curious gathered to watch the world’s leading thinkers share challenging ideas and captivating stories.

But all that thinking can exhaust certain areas of the brain, so organisers of the famous thinkfest trialled a new approach this year. They introduced segments between speakers that were curated to exercise other areas of your brain. More specifically, the area of your brain that responds to canine love stories, pursuits for happiness or ‘breathtaking’ instrumentals.

With daily productivity on the brain, we read last week’s Harvard Business Review report with interest – ‘how late night emails may be hurting teams.’ The article argues it’s no longer acceptable to fire off emails to your team at midnight – they won’t respond, they won’t be impressed you’re still working, and their lives shouldn’t be interrupted when you could jot yourself a note to action the task in the morning. In some areas, the debate around a healthy work life balance seems to be progressing in favour of the workers; it has already influenced policy in Germany, and some companies are already very ahead of the curve.

So, when you get trapped down a 10 minute hole of mindless dog-related giggles, don’t fret. Tell your boss you’re giving your brain a balanced workout.

This originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150325

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