Glug – The Collaboration Economy

weblabLast night an entire rows-worth of MB’ers headed down to Glug, the ‘notworking’ regular design talk which always pulls in a lot of great names from the design industry and this one was no different, selling out within a matter of days. The line up and theme of this event being particularly unique; Google Creative Labs, B-reel, Tellart, Universal Design Studio, MAP and Bibliothèque. They each showcased work, then talking about the collaborative project of which they all undertook, the Google Web Lab exhibit currently on display at London’s Science Museum.

A talk of this nature is very rare, normally we are used to seeing studios speak in isolation to each other, only in the contexts of themselves and the clients and markets they operate in. Led by the binding company of Google, we gained insight as to how such an array of different disciplines and talented design minds worked together on a show of this nature.

Due to the long running and sometimes disparate nature of the talk, it feels like a lot was never truly expressed. We were left wondering where was the story, the heart and the binding power which brought the companies together. The storytelling, the insights, inquisitions and discoveries found and made which is what drives every designer to continue doing what they’re doing were present, but never celebrated. Incredible insights such as the fact the exhibition was created initially in a beta phase, with feedback directing changes – the first of it’s kind for an exhibition – were touched on, but emphasis on technicality and process was favoured.

The phrase ‘design for designers’ is sometimes banded around as a negative, but here presented with a situation where this was absolutely the case of what we wanted, we wish it has been grabbed with all the many collaborators’ hands.