Going out quietly

Going out quietly

Last week Design Week (quietly) announced that they would cease to exist in print and move solely to digital outlets. After 25 years of comment and showcasing work in the design world, the move seems a little understated. Granted print has been struggling for some time now but surely there is some celebration and reflection to be had on what it has done for design so far? Failing that, a little more enthusiasm over their new direction?

The situation is not something to lament over, or so it seems given the lack of comment on the website goodbye post from editor Lynda Relph-Knight. But then perhaps it has not yet been noticed; invitations to subscribe to the printed publication don’t seem to have been discontinued, additional benefits to subscribers appear now to be the main offer. On the move MB’s Jim said-

“I think it is a well overdue move, and in concept it is the right move. Whether the content is compelling enough online remains to be seen – it’s a great challenge moving to strictly digital, but the rewards could be massive.”

Watch this (digital) space. We’re keen to see where this leads.


  • I agree, I think it’s a bit strange. Also their email alerts, which are equally a bit strange; ‘Breaking News’ – there is nothing breaking about news in the design world.