Goldman Sachs wooing tech startups

Ness case study from Moving Brands® on Vimeo.

Goldman Sachs don’t seem the most obvious candidate to host a secret-squirrel Private Internet Company Conference, but that’s what happened last week. GS hand-picked their top 30 startups to attend the event, which was ostensibly an opportunity to “bring innovators together.” In reality, it was a brilliant move by GS to build relationships with some of the most likely future IPO candidates.

The list of attendees included today’s brightest burning stars (and some have said the most obvious), including Airbnb, Dropbox, Klout, Instagram, Tumblr) as well as some brand new startups, including Moving Brand’s client Ness Computing. Despite only launching a few months ago, Ness have an incredible team, extraordinary technology, and after three weeks on the top of the Appstore charts, it’s not surprising Goldman Sachs have picked up on their potential.

The film to the left is our Ness journey film – the full case study can be found here.