Goodbye Toby!

Toby Younger, co-founder of Moving Brands, is moving on to pastures new after twelve ‘immense’ years at Moving Brands.

In the words of Ben Wolstenholme – fellow co-founder and cousin of Toby – ‘Aside from being a shareholder and director covering all the company’s house responsibilities, Toby has been ensuring all our operational and professional needs are met. As a business we have moved successfully to a model which Toby was instrumental in authoring – the ‘Strategy, Identity, Expression’ offer which has not only stabilised our business coming into this harsh recession – but meant we are fighting fit, agile and diverse.

Right from day one, our first project, when he came on as a producer to make a television series for NTL – a two hours a week programme – 8 cameras, 23 crew, he produced 28 hours of television from a standing start (while also teaching karate and running a hotel!) and we went from there to become Moving Brands. Toby has always ‘made it happen’. From the start Toby has shoved us forward, gathering more of us as we went – I will miss him a great deal as I’m sure we all will.’

Photo left to right: Ben Wolstenholme. Guy Wolstenholme. James Bull. Toby Younger. Circa. 2003