Google font directory


Google just released a beta version of their font directory, an open source library of fonts for use on the web. The possibility of having more than the standard web fonts to choose from sounds really appealing, but it could become a total mess. Excited to see what happens with both the tech and design. (Note the Droid branded typefaces).


  • With Google behind this makes it a very interesting font web linking development. Many type designers are holding off licensing their font for weblinking because there is little piracy protection, but this is the future and it will be a ‘total mess’ in places. Generally the standard of web typography has enjoyed a vast improvement over recent years, and so I see this as a very posative move as more screen optimized fonts come online. The barrier is that there is little financial incentive for type designers to go with it, and so there will only be a few fonts available that have been designed with screen readability in mind, as the likes of Arial, Verdana etc. were.