Google Strauss


Illustration by Sarah Burgess

In the last week, Google had its yearly developer event, I/O. As well as the regular news about Android’s new features and updates, including the useful Android Pay and useful-but-creepy Google Photos, it also announced steps forward in virtual reality. These included Google Cardboard for iPhone, education VR field trips and a piece of kit for creating your own VR footage. If you want a handy rundown of all the news, TechCrunch has a pretty digestible one here.

The most interesting part of the whole keynote was about truly wearable technology. Introducing Project Jacquard, a partnership between Google and Levi’s that has clear ambitions to make smart clothes with ‘smart fibres’. This partnership is interesting because it might be the first time that experience design, fashion and tech come together to create something remarkable. Despite the fashion credentials of the Apple Watch, or the hyped partnership between Google Glass and Luxottica, no wearable has managed to feel, look, and act the part. Unlike the rumours surrounding Apple’s hiring of Angela Ahrendts, this partnership seems to be about more than Google simply hoovering up talent to stop competitors employing them. We’ll have to wait and see.


This originally appeared in Moving World Wednesday 20150603 

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