Graduates, say goodbye to daytime TV!


MB Blog readers may remember Panja, Emma and I getting involved in Steve Price’s (Plan-B Studio) Project 10 newspaper. Project 10 is Steve’s goal of working on 10 projects over 10 months with 10 NFP/NGO organisations or projects that are”fun”. When he first began in January he thought Project10 would be ten projects for ten charities. But Project10 has become much more than trying to create ten projects in ten months. As ever it is about quality, not quantity. It’s also about something fundamentally more important; collaboration.

Steve’s dedicating June’s issue to the newest graduates. Not all 16,000+ of them; Steve’s picking ten for a carefully created issue that celebrates the best of the design industry’s newbies. So if you’re about to graduate and wondering how to fill your days now watching Neighbours in your jammies is no longer considered appropriate, why not get involved? In order to get yourself and your work in to the paper you must (off your own back) source, organise and interview your design industry hero/heroine for the paper SPECIFICALLY about the notion of collaboration in today’s industry.

Steve has said he might be able to help with the interviewees, and, if you ask real nice, MB might too! Applicants need to contact Steve with their plan and then supply up to 500 words of interview, images to support the interview and/or examples of your own work. Deadline is Tuesday 8th June 2010. For more information click here.

Speaking of graduates, MB is hosting an open studio and workshop as part of D&AD New Blood. More details TBA, but meantime check it out here.