Granimator – from “on iPad” to “in book”

Last week the gang at Moving Brands were all thrilled to learn that Granimator™ – the wallpaper creator app for iPhone and iPad – had won in-book status in the Mobile Marketing category at the D&AD Professional Awards 2011. Granimator™ was created by our friends at ustwo™ and launched along with the iPad in 2010. By building on the iPad’s unique interfaces, Granimator was one of the first apps to really push the iPad’s potential to its exciting limits. Interacting with a range of graphics, sounds, tools and shapes, the user can create fun, personalised compositions and soundscapes, and then share them across their social networks. ustwo™ have collaborated with nearly 50 artists and studios on unique “Granimator™ artist packs” for the app. We were fortunate enough to be one of the first packs featured on Granimator™, using graphic elements from our co-created project, Weare™. Huge congratulations to ustwo on all their hard work, fresh skills and for putting the “succ” in Succailure™. Download it from HERE now!

Pick an Artist Pack

Select from a number of artist packs specially created by the best artists, designers and illustrators througout the world.Each pack is different with a range of easy to use graphics, sounds, tools, shapes and backgrounds to help you create amazing wallpapers.