Great chocolate. Great beards.

MB’s Aki Shelton recently returned from a weekend trip to New York with a huge selection of Mast Brothers Chocolate for the studio. The Mast Brothers handcraft their chocolate bars using single-origin cacao and no unnatural additives or flavorings. Each bar is also hand wrapped in paper designed by their friends and family from the design community.

My first job post-University was with Rococo Chocolates – one of London’s first boutique chocolate makers. From pairing the right beans with the right flavors, to flawless tempering, to truly learning to “taste”, the world of chocolate is both deeply layered and sensuous. What the experience taught me – and what the video to the left here substantiates – is how little value we place on our senses outside of sight. We are currently working with a company expert in the art of another key sense, and everyone on the project has been both amazed and awakened by the learning curve associated with training your brain to detect tiny nuances.

Taste, scent, touch and sound are all integral to the human experience, yet we so often take them for granted. Glued to screens all day, all emphasis goes on how things look, and on the things we see. Learning to notice and truly appreciate the other senses can be incredibly enlightening and further cement what the Mast Brothers term our “love affair with craft”.


  • Beautiful. People like them, that put real passion in their work are very inspirational, no matter the job they do. And by the way I love their beards :))