Hack Attack

Computer Arts published an interesting article – ‘Creative Kinect Hacking‘ – on their website earlier today. After our Hand Drawn project was featured in a trend report in Computer Arts Collection earlier this year, MB’ers Campbell and Daniel were once again interviewed on their experience of working with the Kinect.

It seems motion-capture technology is rarely mentioned without a reference to the 2002 blockbuster Minority Report. This article is no different, however it tracks an interesting path through the advances in gesture-based devices and projects over the past ten years, and what it is about the Kinect that has made such an impact in driving this technology forward.

The recurring theme from Campbell, Dan and their fellow interviewees is that, despite what the technology enables, it always comes back to the strength of the concept. As Campbell puts it, “Being able to crack the lid off something doesn’t necessarily expose a world of opportunities. The Kinect is a peripheral controller at the end of the day, and knowing how to get coordinates off a mouse controller doesn’t mean you’ve got a project.” Dan agrees, saying “The possibilities are less about technology, and more about imagination.”

Hand Drawn – a Kinect-based tool for creating a collaborative typeface – was MB’s contribution to the burgeoning world of open-source Kinect projects. You can read about the development process, and download the core of the code, here.