Hellboy comes to Madefire



MB are excited to announce that Dark Horse Comics have launched their new comic – Hellboy in Hell – on the Madefire Motion Books platform today.

Hellboy joins Madefire after a huge career which spans the big screen (twice), animation, video games, and a series of comic books and novels over the last 20 years.

Ben Wolstenholme, Madefire CEO and founder of Moving Brands, said in an email to MBers today; “Some of you may know the title Hellboy from Mike Mignola – it’s a really legendary storyworld – with some stunning art. It’s very different to a lot of the typical comic style as it’s both cinematic and graphic at the same time – the use of positive and negative space is really impressive.”

To check out Hellboy in Hell head to DeviantART to read online or download the Madefire app,  and for more information about what else Madefire have been up to go to madefire.com.