Help. All of my customers are dying.

Anthemis, a London-based VC company focused on the fintech sector, is hosting an ‘Innovation Playground’ event at the ExCel centre today. Moving Brands has worked with Anthemis on past events, with both companies recognising and sharing learnings of the importance and common difficulties for businesses to deliver successful innovation and design. With this in mind, we’re excited to join Anthemis as the media partner for their latest session.

The day of workshops and presentations will be focused on the theme ‘digitally native finance,’ providing delegates from tech start-ups and larger financial institutions the opportunity to network, question and exchange ideas on the shifting shape of the financial industry.

MB’s CEO Mat Heinl and Creative Technologist Tim Brooke will be presenting a session on ‘Capturing business opportunities through creativity,’ sharing best practise solutions to business issues as broad as ‘I have an innovation budget, how should I spend it?’ through to ‘Help: All of my customer’s are dying.’

Follow the event on twitter today with the hashtag #AIP2013, and later this week we’ll share news on the big questions that were raised – and hopefully answered!


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