Helping big brands play together: a microsite for Google Play Music and Sonos

We’re thrilled to announce our latest piece of work—a collaboration between Google Play Music and Sonos, the makers of the world’s best wireless HiFi speakers. The partnership combines the best of both worlds, including controlling your Sonos speakers directly through Google Play and importing all of your music no matter where it was purchased. You can see a full explanation of the partnership and its benefits here.

Moving Brands was involved in every aspect of this microsite aside from the build, which Google’s engineers were obviously well-qualified to handle. Bringing Google Play and Sonos together in a way that stays true to both brands while creating a unique identity for the partnership was the main challenge and one that we met at every opportunity, including through photography, web design and messaging.

A big thank you to venerable photographer Chris Buck and his team for capturing our surrealist concept of music taking over household rooms with his established style and wit.

You can read what people are saying about the partnership here, here and here.