Highly caffeinated retail


As part of our initiation to San Francisco life, MB Londoners Ying and I were taken to Sight Glass – the hot, new pit stop for Californian coffee addicts. Sight Glass has a pop-up feel to it, as the coffee shop proper and roastery is built up around it. A wooden bench in the entrance catches the morning sun and the succinct menu includes the Hooker Mocha – so far SoMa. What really makes this place special, however, is their early adoption of Square – a tiny plug in card reader for the iPhone and iPad. Square, based in San Francisco, allows you to “Start accepting cash and card payments. No contracts, monthly fees, or hidden costs. Effortlessly manage the money you take with an easy and intuitive interface”. Receipts are also sent directly to your phone or email.  Find out more here.  Seeing the new business model in action is really exciting – it frees retail from a fixed back-end without resorting to cash-only, creates an instant digital connection with their customers, and allows stores to easily be where their customers are, however transient that may be.


  • I heard about Square and this coffee company, and it really awesome. I love to see companies (especially smaller ones with a beautiful, and original personality) implement awesome technology, like Sight Glass. It’s a really great motivation.

    Thanks MB!


  • James

    Looking forward to seeing first iPad kiosk in store in UK. First to see and blog wins a prize (maybe)?