How to build a startup that can sell globally

After joining the team in 2004, MB Zurich’s Managing Director Geoff has helped Moving Brands grow from a group of dreamers in a Shoreditch warehouse into a global business. Geoff understands the highs and lows of moving into, and out of, challenging new markets, having opened studios in Tokyo, San Francisco and Zurich.

Given this experience, Geoff was well-placed to join a panel of experts at last week’s ‘How To Build A Startup That Can Sell Globally,’ run by Smarta.

Geoff joined bestselling author and entrepreneur Shaa Wasmund and other UK business experts to discuss how to build a brand that has the power to trade worldwide, what signs you should look for when growing your startup and how to start building networks.

Working with 02, Smarta is running a programme of events aimed at accelerating the understanding of UK small business owners. Check out the upcoming events here. We also recommend UKTI, for practical help and advice for UK businesses trading internationally.


  • David

    Hi George, it’d be great to watch the video or listen to a recording if one becomes available. I hope you’re keeping well.

    • Georgina Milne

      Hi David! The event was filmed, we’re just waiting on it to be uploaded by organisers. Will let you know when it’s live 🙂