Make your startup standout


In the increasingly crowded and competitive startup world, there is a growing realization that passion and technology alone are not enough to achieve success. The functionality of a product or service, no matter how brilliant, will never create the human-centric experiential and aesthetic qualities needed to differentiate a business. Combined with the democratization of technology, ambitious entrepreneurs are desperately searching for clear space in an increasingly crowded market.

In the search for a solution, successful startups are discovering that investing in brand and design from the beginning can differentiate them from an increasing number of competitors. While focusing on brand can seem counterintuitive whilst simultaneously building a product and recruiting engineers, having a strong, clearly articulated brand can save both time and money. Of course, going to market with the best offering possible is paramount, but the benefits of having laser-focus on a strong strategy, established identity and digital-first brand are crucial, especially when faced with the potential expense and pitfalls of reactionary branding later in the game.

We have seen firsthand how a powerful vision and design system can help our startup clients align stakeholders, recruit the best talent in a hyper-competitive space, and go to market with a focused point of view and a roadmap for the development of current and future products.

Moving Brands has established itself as the go-to creative partner for Silicon Valley startups since expanding to San Francisco. It’s our job to push founders beyond repetitive adjectives and trending buzzwords and to set an honest and inspiring vision that investors want and customers love. Seeing firsthand how Silicon Valley venture capital firms are prioritizing brand as the key differentiating factor for their entrepreneurs has strengthened and validated our beliefs, and we’ve been fortunate to work with seven exceptional startups in as many months.

Dabo and newMentor are revolutionizing the healthcare market through intelligent, data-driven solutions. BlackJet and Flywheel are transforming how urbanites demanding frictionless simplicity are being transported both within and between cities. Life360 and Circ are providing modern families with the tools to manage the expanded range of the new family circle and enable fun, functional and safe experiences. IfOnly is connecting fans with their favorite luminaries in an online marketplace that sells one-of-a-kind experiences to benefit celebrity charities.

We’ll release full case studies for these clients in the next few weeks (as well as a few others that need to stay under wraps for now) so you can see exactly how their brands are extending beyond product to design, and across all digital and physical touchpoints. Check back in with us for the latest updates, and if you have a promising startup that you need to be a brilliant standout, get in contact!


  • Looking forward to see your case studies – they are always so insightful and inspirational.