HuffPo chat to Dave Gibbons


Interesting Q & A in the Huffington Post this morning with MB buddy Dave Gibbons.

The article talks about the impact Watchmen has had on his career, his super-secret upcoming project with Kick-Ass writers, and his partnership with MB CEO Ben in the Madefire venture.

HuffPo asked the question, “When it comes to digital comics are we still waiting for someone to really use that medium in a new way?” This was the theme of our Lunch and Learn a couple of months ago, when Dave came to chat to the MB London team. There has been building anticipation, and almost frustration, around the lack of advances in digital story-telling despite the increasing availability and capabilities of tablets. Dave responded to the question by referencing Madefire’s “revolutionary approach” towards this new medium, but wasn’t spilling the beans on any details yet.