I have WiFi, therefore I am

BBH’s ‘Homeless Hotspots‘, attempts to “modernize the Street Newspaper model employed to support homeless populations” by offering homeless people the opportunity to sell WiFi access instead of material goods. The concept, which has been rolled out at SXSW, has had a mixed reaction on the interwebs, due mainly to the terminology used on the vendor’s t-shirts – “I am a hotspot”.

Argue the worthiness of the concept any way you like, but somehow that phrasing makes you lean closer to the belief that the starting point wasn’t about helping people without homes, but to help people without Wifi.

Daniel Soltis also shared this article, which juxtaposes the above well. It addresses how the lack of diversity within the start-up community is impacting on innovation for those who really need it. Namely in healthcare. Video via @kowchow.