In response to ‘Lost: One Film Canister’


The story of the Lost film canister, as blogged below, brought up painful holidays memories for MB’s James. Below he tells the sad story of his own discovery.


I found a bag of unopened chips/crisps on my street over the recent festive season (actually it was on my birthday).

Anyway, I have decided to try and find their owner – to do so I opened the crisps to see if their was any information about the owner inside – alas there were just chips/crisps – however they did taste of some kind of cheese (with a hint of onion).

So, I’m assuming (and correctly I hope) that the owner was either French or Swiss…. or maybe from the moon.

Can any of you help me work it out?

Attached is an image of how upset i was over the Christmas period (due to this find) – it saddens me to think someone out their (wherever they might be) doesn’t have their crisps/chips.

Can you help?