In the Top 100


Design Week’s Top 100 Consultancy Survey for 2011 have been released and Moving Brands have made the Top 100 along with a number of tables, and a featured interview with co-founder James Bull.

In general terms, the survey gives good indication of the state of the design industry which was one of the hardest hit in the economic turbulence over the past couple of years. Although no one is breathing a sigh of relief just yet, it seems things are now looking up.

The survey ranks design-led agencies annually looking at gains and losses according to fee-income but also highlights annual turnover, number of staff etc. While creative success can at times be hard to gauge, the survey presents some measurability of agency success and also presents some healthy comparisons with competitors. Overall Moving Brands ranked 22!

We are positioned at 11 in the top 20 for financial efficiency. Worth noting is that this list considers the biggest agencies in the industry, so as a smaller independent consultancy that has always considered itself to be reassuringly expensive, this is a real achievement. Additionally, we ranked number 2 in the UK for best corporate branding agencies, behind Start JG. While we may not use the phrase “animated branding” our approach to branding is to think ahead with the philosophy of Creativity for a Moving World. MB’s James supports this view in his interview on page 65 of the supplement, discussing new areas of branding Moving Brands are exploring.

The survey is definitely worth a read so grab a copy of Design Week for a look at all the tables in full. All in all a great result for the team here at Moving Brands.