Intern appreciation


We’ve had some amazing interns pass through the SF studio (Shout-outs to Nico, Tomo, Paul, Chul, Raisa, Patrice, and Christophe; as well as current interns Hansen, Stanley and Anthony!) Below Christophe and Raisa talk about their experience.

“After about one and a half months working for Moving Brands in San Francisco these were the most characterizing impressions to me:

1. First of all: the team. Welcoming, hard-working, multidisciplinary, skilled and patient … enough sweet talking.
2. The team again.
3. Challanging tasks. I never had the patience and time to help design a typeface, including the whole icon family for only one brand. Projects at Moving Brands go deep.
4. Ping-pong matches during breaks and a cold beer in the evening. Work is one of the biggest parts in our lives and for me it is a gift to be able to enjoy it.
5. Helping setup the new studio on my first day. As many other stories in Silicon Valley my story started in a garage too. Or better in a nice loft-style storage hall in SOMA San Francisco.
6. Mexican food: tacos and horchata for lunch.

I really appreciated working with all of you. Hope to see you soon again.”

“We know that in life, it’s rare (by chance) and difficult (by planning even) to come across a first time experience of anything that we would describe as perfect—that conceiving an idea of coveting something else or wishing for something even better than “perfect” would be unthinkable. Yeah, it’s quite cool when it happens, but it’s uncommon…

So naturally, it’s now anticipated for me carry on to tearfully utter such words, “That’s what my experience has been like at Moving Brands!” But just so I don’t invalidate my true, honest expression by being misunderstood for dramatization, I will reservedly rephrase my expression to: “My short term with Moving Brands was definitely the most perfect in the ‘Moving Brands way.'”

If we put it in the most simple analogy, it works like this: it’s a studio that’s like a tiny city with people, things, events that are full of charm and distinct character. I met very fun, hard-working, talented people with lightness that enjoy good doses of humor. They’ve still got professionalism yet, they share jobs and help others with even the most petty and tedious chores (such as: set-ups, clean-ups, and errands). Let me not forget to mention their enthusiasm for a lot of things: good food, creativity, music, DJing and lastly, I certainly mustn’t forget—ping pong. It’s difficult to draw a fine line between the work area and the play area in my mind let alone even in the physical space of the studio. It never felt like work and everything was enjoyable because it had a little condiment of Moving Brands on everything.

I’ll miss everyone and Moving Brands very much.”

(Photo via The Onion)


  • Thank you for listing my name! I got amazing experience there. I miss Moving Brands!!