Introducing: Moving World Wednesdays

Moving Brands is not alone in sharing a link or two around the business. Ok, make that a fairly constant stream of links shared via email and iChat. Some are pushed to Twitter, some spark a blog post, others get a LOL and are then discarded. But it’s the spirit of sharing within our multi-disciplinary community which helps us all to be more informed about the moving world.

About a year ago, MB’s Scott began circulating a weekly email to the business called ‘Moving World Wednesday’, filled with a broad range of content from startup investment news, to great music. His digest of the latest from around the web, as seen through a lens of expert brand analysis, quickly became a ‘must read’ with MB CEO Ben terming it ‘legendary’. Scott has since departed to pastures new, but the tradition continues and we are proud to begin sharing the roundups with you via our blog and newsletter.

We’ve uploaded a few previous MWW’s just so you get a feel for it, which you can view by clicking here.