iPad Finger Painting

American painter David Jon Kassan demonstrates in this video his painterly skills using the iPad app Brushes. Given the constant thrum that there seems to be about the latest apps, it seems appropriate to draw attention back to apps actually in use.

Kassan typically paints life-scale portraits offsetting realism in the figures he paints against abstract backgrounds. Of his work he states-

“I am constantly seeking out work that is congruent with my own which has led me to explore the work of life size old master paintings, urban stencil and graffiti street art…”

It is perhaps this approach to developing his unique style that has also encouraged him to experiment with and apply his talents to the iPad. The demonstration lasted 3 hours and was streamed live from his studio, requiring great patience and meticulous attention to detail essential to all creatives regardless of outlet or medium. Although this short film has been circulating for some time, it is worth noting as it speaks of the fundamental human element of technology; and how it can enable creativity rather than compromise it.


  • Marian

    Takes “digital” art to a new dimension!