iPad2 arrives


The arrival of four iPad2s to the MB SF studio this afternoon caused a brief commotion and much excitement. We’ve got an un-boxing video to follow, but for now we can report that the new iPad is lighter, faster and – with the cameras and clip-on covers – much, much cooler. I got straight on a Facetime call with a friend at home in London and quickly realised that one needs long arms (or, as Ben suggested, head-mounted extenders) to present the best view of oneself. Equally, sitting in the reclining on-lap position as touted in the iPad ads, gives your fellow Facetimer a different, if not totally unwelcome view, altogether! Marian was fast to download Flipboard and thinks it looks great, while Scott took some photos of the team. Overall, it’s a great upgrade and one that makes this product yet more aspirational.

Lastly, interesting that the box doesn’t mention “2” anywhere…